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Whether you require music for concert performance, for a theatre production or for film and video media, I am always happy to discuss taking on commissions. My approach to composition is that it should be as collaborative as possible; although the writing itself is often necessarily a solitary task, I work closely with the person or group I am writing for, right up the point where it used, to ensure that it fits their needs and works in the best way it can. Over the years I have successfully collaborated with a wide variety of people and by working with them have ensured that the experience of commissioning new music is an enjoyable and fulfilling one.

Commissioning fees are available on request, though there is no one-size-fits-all scale for this kind of thing. In order to give you a rough estimate, it is helpful if you can be as specific as possible about your needs, particularly with details such as:

  • who will be performing it? (i.e. the instrumental or vocal scale, and what level of difficulty the performers may expect)

  • will you be needing recorded tracks (e.g. for a film score) or just sheet music?

  • what length of the music do you require?

  • is there a specific budget for this work?

  • how soon do you need it?

If you wish to make an enquiry, please get in touch!

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